Dewalt 10-Inch Jobsite Portable Table Saw with Rolling Stand Review

DEWALT DWE7491RS 10” Jobsite Table Saw with Rolling Stand Review 2023 | Best for Beginner & DIYers

It is pretty hectic to move with heavy tools from place to place, especially when you are in a job site construction business. Your first choice will be the DeWalt 7491RS a compact and portable table saw that can quickly load on your truck conveniently and is also easily adjustable in your garage. 

To tackle this problem, the DeWalt DWE7491RS 10-inch Jobsite Table Saw with a rolling stand comes to your rescue. We have tested it and personally utilized it in our garage repair to analyze it mainly for its efficiency, portability, and safety.

Our experts believe that DWE7491RS is the best Jobsite table saw due to its portability and compactness. Additionally, it covers a 3-year limited manufacturer warranty making it value for money.

Let’s dive into some vital elements of DWE7491RS that help you in making decisions.


Weight90 pounds
Motor Size15 Amp, 120 V, 4800 RPM
Dimensions31 x 24.5 x 31 inches
Blade Diameter10 inches
Rip CapacityRight: 32.5 inches, Left: 22 inches
Max width of Dado13/16 inch
Manufacturer Warranty3 Year Limited Warranty, 1 Year Free Service Contract

Performance Efficiency:

Whether you are a DIYer or a Professional woodworker, you can efficiently perform various jobs with DeWalt. The first thing that will be your prime concern is what should be the blade size and the ripping capacity used by this table saw. 

DWE7491RS has a 10-inch blade with shark fin-style ripping knives with a cut depth capacity of 3.125 inches and a rip capacity of 32.5 inches. It is mainly designed to manage lightweight cutting jobs but can also handle slightly heavy board cutting. Although, it is not suggested to test its capacity for heavy-duty tasks. 

The saw is excellently designed and has a strong build quality. It has a collapsible rolling stand that makes it relatively stable. Yet, we observed some stability issues that can be improved with a better design.

Built-in Rolling Stand: Easy Setup and Breakdown

This Dewalt table saw comes with a built-in rolling stand that not only stands out from its competitors but also adds more value to it. You can buy a separate stand or build a custom one that is usually required for table saws or miter saws of a similar kind. It is extremely easy to set up and break down.

Including a rolling stand in the Dewalt DWE7491RS table saw makes it more stable, reliable, and efficient, even the one sold separately by Dewalt for other table saws.

Portable & Compact |Quality with Space Saving

It has large, heavy-duty wheels that can easily roll. The most challenging part for a woodworker is moving the whole table saw on the job site with a bumpy surface. We found DWE7491RS very convenient and portable due to its design lightweight and smooth material. You can quickly push this 90-pound table saw on its wheels and place it at your desired location. 

Another worth mentioning feature of this saw is once you are done, it can be easily folded and you can shelter it in your store or garage. You will love this feature if you have less storage space or working area due to its compatibility and maneuverability.

Experience of our Expert

“I was happy to replace my roof in no time, and it is only possible due to my portable table saw. It is unfortunate when the laborers’ tools need to be fixed, and the project is already delayed. So I jumped in, dragged up my little beast from the basement, and cut all the woods. The job is finished well before the time – just because of one thing, portability.”

DeWalt took one step ahead regarding space-saving by giving onboard storage space to keep your necessary tools accessible. You can easily place your Dewalt tools like a miter gauge, push stick, power cable, and similar items.


There Are 8 Different Types of Table Saws that are further divided into two categories; stationary and portable.


Power | Supply

It is equipped with a 15 amp motor, 120 volts with a speed of 4800 RPM, that can perform light-duty cutting jobs. The motor power is almost similar to other table saws of a similar category. It starts smoothly, but it could be smoother than some of its competitors in the market.

With this, you will enjoy the cutting board, and most DIYers are in love with this machine. But if you try with a hard log or more than a 2-inch piece of wood, you will have a tough time with the DeWalt motor. Too much pressure on the motor can cause the circuit breaker to trip, and your saw automatically switches off. This is a safety feature and can avoid disaster by not turning on the table saw with power restoration.

Cutting Table

The table is not large but its surface is very smooth, and you can easily slide a piece of wood on it. It contains a standard table of an average size of 26.375” x 21.875”. Still, you will find a fantastic ripping capacity of 32.5 inches to the right side of its blade and 22 inches to the left side of the blade. 

Most Jobsite portable saws do not offer this. It makes your tasks more convenient. Indeed this pushes its competitors to come up with a better option to compete particularly with this model. When cutting the broads, an L-shaped bracket on the fence can support the end of the workpiece. 

Rip Fence System:

DeWalt has quite an efficient rip fence system; you don’t need to spend much time adjusting. The improved version of the Rack and pinion Telescoping Fence Mechanism allows you to adjust swiftly without even stopping the machine. Its adjustable knob at the front for quick access and adjustments.

The flip-over fence is also a great value addition that supports cutting wider material without consuming additional space. But before using it, you must calibrate it for the first time to attain more precision. Once it is adjusted, you do not need to worry, as it is reliable and accurate. 

Blades and Cutting:

The blade has the most significant role in a table saw. One must know what should be the type and number of teeth of a table saw blade as it has a direct impact on the cutting quality, roughness, or smoothness of wood edges. 

The DWE7491RS stock blade is 10 inches with a 24-tooth carbide blade that is excellent for ripping big pieces of plywood. For every job, there is a specific blade that makes the job very smooth. DeWalt allows you to change blades quickly, and the wrenches have onboard storage.

So a dado blade is the best option if you are looking for grooves or thicker joinery. This makes it the best DeWalt table saw for woodworking by supporting Dado set up to 13/16 inches. You need to install a throat plate and you are good to go. And if you intend to have a smooth cut then you need to upgrade the blade and install the crosscut. The higher number of teeth allows you to slice the wood neatly and make the surface smooth.

DWE7491RS also facilitates you to bevel the blade up to 45 degrees. You need to calibrate the alignment and tilt angle first to have a smooth and precise cutting. It also allows you to have a maximum cut depth of 3 1/8″ when vertical and 2 1/4″ at 45 degrees. 

Safety: Moderate yet Safe:

This Dewalt 10-inch table saw covers the essential safety features and is not equipped with an advanced safety system like SawStop for sensing the flesh. Some beginner DIYers or woodworkers might need to learn the Flesh Sense safety feature and how it works. An electric signal is attached to the saw blade, and when skin is about to contact the blade, the saw immediately stops and saves you from an immense tragedy.


In the US, Table Saws Cause 35,000–40,000 Injuries a Year.

The blade is covered with a clear plastic guard that lets you see the edge and protects your fingers from accidental contact with the blade while pushing wood forward for cutting. Although it has a safety guard in the absence of flesh sensation, you must be very conscious.

The power button itself needs to be bigger so that it can be switched off immediately in an emergency. However, the flip cover of the power button also adds safety in that. You only switch on the saw when needed and are ready to perform the job.

Miter Gauge and Slots: Improved Accuracy

In the past, we have seen people complaining regarding the inaccuracy of the Dewalt miter gauge. That was a significant drawback as the manufacturer should have used a quality material earlier. Thanks to their R&D team that considered this issue provided a newer miter gauge that is accurate and of higher quality material. The miter slot is a standard 3/4″ rectangular slot that helps you hold the angle for bevel cutting.

Material and Durability:

DeWalt has developed an excellent reputation by providing quality and reliable products. This Jobsite table saw uses a carbide blade that is a high-quality steel blade and is very efficient in precise cutting. The built quality is also exceptional and stays longer than standard blades.


“On Average, Table Saws Serve for Over 10 Years”.

This table saw also has some plastic parts like a blade guard cover. We have also seen people complaining of breakage, especially during transportation. We don’t see this as a big issue when looking at the other features, as these parts are not of higher value and can be easily replaced.

Dust Collection System: Dual Dust Port

The one thing we are all afraid of is the mess created after the ripping and cutting of wood, and you have to clean it. In this scenario, going outdoors is the best choice to avoid cleaning jobs. This is why portable table saws are the first choice for DIYers and woodworkers.

Luckily DWE7491RS has an efficient sawdust collection system. It has two ports for dust collection; one is 2-½ inches below the table and 1-¼ inch on top of the blade guard. It will protect you from cleanup by efficiently collecting more than 75% dust.

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Price: Best Budget?

When you compare the DWE7491RS table saw with its similar kind, there might be better budget options available in the market. You can easily find other portable Jobsite table saws in the economic range, even in the DeWalt brand, but they might need features like a stand or flimsier. 

However, this table saw winning is its foldable rolling stand, which is far better than buying a stand separately. Furthermore, a 30-day money-back guarantee and limited warranty for 3 years make it more appealing.

What is inside the Box: The Accessories

Dewalt DWE7491RS box contains a Jobsite table saw, 10-inch 24-tooth Carbide Blade, push stick, miter gauge, rip fence, blade guard assembly, blade wrenches, and rolling stand. The rolling stand is stable and reliable so you need to have a separate one. And the weight of this saw is around 90 pounds.

Along with these, you will also have a manual and 90-day money-back guarantee, a 1-year free service contract, and a 3-year limited warranty by the manufacturer. 

Creating small furniture requires joinery cuts, which the dado blades can best perform. Fortunately, you can also enjoy the same in this table saw, but you need to buy a dado throat plate separately.


  • Large Rip Cutting Capacity
  • Powerful motor 4800 RMP
  • Compact and easily fit in your store
  • Power loss reset safety feature


  • The saw only comes with a limited warranty.

What People Say about DeWalt 7491RS

If you are looking for a portable table saw without compromising the quality and performance DeWalt DWE7491RS 10″ Jobsite Table Saw with a rolling stand is the best option.

  • I personally feel it is the best option for beginning woodworkers and DIYers due to its portability, compactness and large rip capacity. But if you are planning for heavy projects in future then this 4800 RPM motor is not suitable for this. You have to upgrade it and go for the better option.
  • DWE7491RS also used some plastic parts that are not of high quality and it breaks now and then. This needs a little attention by the manufacturer. However, the manufacturer offers a 90 days money back guarantee and 3 years limited warranty that protects your purchases and makes it worth buying.

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